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Forget Pennies from Heaven! We’re Upping the Ante!

Have you ever heard about pennies from heaven? Have you received pennies from heaven? Well forget pennies from heaven! We’re upping the ante! Suddenly the song from “Elf” is running through my head. Shubby Dooby!

Anyway… After my dad passed a few years ago, I never received may signs from him. I knew he was around, but I wanted a visible sign. My dad and I had an “arrangement” that after he passed away, he would come to me as a buck. Not a deer, but a buck. I did receive that sign after many years, (because he’s super stubborn and loves to mess with me), but my dad began with something else.

One day I was sitting at home, feeling pretty blue and missing him. I talk to myself a TON and on this day, I was talking to him and crying a bit. Part of me just needed him and his energy. I was wiping my runny nose, talking through my tears and I heard, “Ting, ting, ting, ting”, a metal dropping and it sounded like it was rolling around.

Getting up from my chair, I was sniffing and irritated that something was interrupting my little pity party. I looked around wondering what the hell it could be, and then I saw it.



I have no clue how it got there, but I knew for sure it was my dad. Leave it to dad to drop a nickel instead of a penny because he did things his way, and a penny just wouldn’t do. I smiled through my snotty nose and swollen, red eyes, knowing he was with me. Never would it take the place of him being here, but it was truly a comfort in that moment.

The fun began after that. Nickels kept popping up all over the place and it was ridiculous how many we would find, and the odd spots we would find them in. One time a nickel was in my bed, once it was in the fridge, dropping nickels that seemed to be falling from the sky. I could go on, and on.

My favorite time was when I was walking down into my mud room and I heard that “ting, ting, ting” dropping in front of me. It was incredible watching the nickel roll around on its edge and coming to rest at my feet.

Nickel 2


The nickels slowed down and finally stopped. But I received other signs: hearing silly songs that he used to sing, seeing trucks that looked just like his, and once… my car radio turned on and I heard his voice, plain as day say “Heath”. That blew me away for days. But those signs started to slow down and eventually ended.

Before I started chemo, I often thought of my dad. He had gone through chemo for quite a while and he always did it with such dignity and grace. It would have been nice to call him and ask about his experience, and even just to share. As I began treatment, I found myself asking him for strength and some support. Even asking for more patience, more energy and on some days, asking for a breather. With those requests, came an old friend, with a twist.

One day I was coming home from chemo, parked my car and shuffled into the house. I don’t think I was able to even lift my legs as I was tired and mentally shot. Waiting at the door was my sweet dog, full of energy and wanting to go out for a walk. “Give me a little strength so I can get the dog out?” was all I could whisper. I reached into my coat pocket to pull out my gloves and with them, came a quarter.

I looked down at the shiny coin in my hand, puzzled how it got there because I never put coins in my pockets. Ever. I had also just been through my pockets moments before in the car, looking for my chapstick. “Thanks Dad” was all I could reply as tears poured down my face and the dog ran around like the spazz she is. That quarter boosted my energy enough to walk the dog, but it did confuse me.

My dad had always given me a nickel. Or so I thought until that point. There had been a few times that I had received a few dimes in the past but didn’t ever think it was him because it was a dime, and he was a nickel. Receiving a quarter is different.

The quarter was significant and I knew it was him. He collected the new state quarters that were produced and made each of his grand kids a quarter collection, from the different mints. The local bank knew how much he waited for the new quarters and would hold new rolls as each state was released. Dad would go home and put them into each folder for the girls to have in the future. If he couldn’t find them, he would hunt those suckers down to make sure each of the girls had a full set.

Over the next few days, I found quarters on the ground, in my bathroom sink, and on the floor of my car. Then one night, during my second round of chemo, I was totally spent and went into bed early. My slippers are placed right next to my bed because my toes will get ice cold the minute they hit the floor and the neuropathy will kick in. I slipped my slippers off, got into bed and leaned over to grab my phone charger that was laying next to my slippers. As I leaned back in bed, my charger slipped out of my fingers and fell to the floor. As I leaned over to get it, I saw something that made me catch my breath.



I was blown away. There wasn’t a chance that this was there before. I also knew that this wasn’t my dad, but it was my grandmother. My grandmother was a very tiny woman and huge force in my life. She was everything to me and I knew she was getting in on the act.

You guys, even as I type this, goosebumps raise up on my arms, back and neck. Goosebumps for me are a sign of a connection with a departed person. (This is something I will share with you soon, and how to connect.)

When I shared this with two of my peeps from my tribe, we laughed about it and they confirmed it was her. I also told them “The ante is being upped and they can start leaving me silver dollars or twenties at any time!” By the way, I’m still waiting on the increase.

This is the one I love the most. When this happened, I knew I had to share my “pennies from heaven” story.

A few weeks ago I came into work, took off my boots, and put them where I normally did. I ended up having to leave the office to go to a different part of the building for a bit. When I came back and my co-worker was at her desk. I said good morning as I walked in, walking past her desk to mine, and saw something shimmering next to my boots. I looked down and I said “Hey Diane. You dropped some change near my boots.” She looked at me and smiled. “Nope… I found it there and I know it’s for you so I left it.”

Pennies from heaven


I swear I was completely blown away this time. Diane told me that is exactly how she found them and she said “There is no way coins would fall to the floor like that.” I knew she was right. But what the hell??? There were three coins. I looked at them as I bent to pick them up, and it hit me. It was my father, my mother, and my grandmother.

Last week I grabbed a coffee cup off the edge of my desk and went to wash it out. I came back and went to place my cup in where it had been sitting.

another coin


I looked at Diane and asked her if she was screwing with me. She had no clue what I was talking about. After I explained, she swore that she didn’t do anything and I believe her. The nickel has now come to represent my mother.

I know there will be people that will say “coincidence”. To you I say: “Notice how the word coin is in coincidence?” I have no doubt. It makes sense to me that they are coming together to support me as I ramp up my prep for surgery. My family is showing me that they are with me.

We will see if I will receive more coins, but I’m open to the “god winks”, “signs”, “coincidences” or whatever you want to call them. They bring me gratitude, a sense of calm and they let me know that I am surrounded. Not that I doubt that my family is with me but it’s nice to have that visual.

This week I will move forward with “Pennies from Heaven” playing in my head; “Don’t you know each cloud contains pennies from heaven.” I plan on opening up my umbrella, turning it upside down, so I can receive the silver, copper, or whatever coin is being presented to you. Remember family… I’m down for some twenties.

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