The C Word, What's in my head?

At Least I Remembered Pants!

Let me serious about this… Chemo brain is kicking in guys and it’s a whole new world. I can’t remember crap and the new joke is “At least I remembered pants!” What can I say? I am a person who uses humor to get through difficult situations.

Why is it difficult to have a foggy brain? I repeat myself like a 96 year old and will start conversations and people at work will look at me oddly. After I finally notice the look, which can take me a few minutes, I stop and ask if I already told them. The reply is normally “Yup!” I quickly learned this week to apologize for my lack of memory, and would toss in “At least I remembered pants!”

I had a reminder note on my car dash to pick up cupcakes for a coworker’s going away party. HUGE note. Got in, and proceeded to forget. Chemo brain.

Let’s also mention that I walked out of my office, at least three times, went downstairs and forgot why I walked downstairs. After standing there for a few minutes, trying to job my memory, I had to walk back upstairs and hope the reason came to me. Old age? Chemo brain! I honestly felt like I was really losing it at times.

So what did I remember to do this week? Well here are some highlights:

I reviewed my “File of Life”. It’s my calendar, and without it, I’m screwed. It has all of my important work items, my chemo appointments, follow up appointments, and it reminds me where my kids need to be. I did forget to put on shoes one day and started to leave the house in slippers. At least I remembered my pants!



I scheduled my surgery to have the colostomy bag removed, and the intestines hooked back up. Wahoo! I scheduled it for Good Friday. Why? I thought it would be beneficial to me? Maybe being Catholic for part of my life will pay off? What I did forget: It means it’s Easter weekend. I didn’t think it through. This I will allow to be placed in the chemo brain category, versus the “didn’t look past that Friday on the calendar.”

Surgery Date


I went and had a pedicure. Guys… I totally respect all religions. What I respect even more, is the offering made to the gods.

Tootsie Roll Offerings


Tootsie Rolls and tea. How awesome is that? Wise offering! If it were my shrine, I would have some snickers and Starbucks! Oh gods of chai! Receive my offering!

Ohhh and get this. My dog can be a total freak. Barks at birds, people walking by, cars driving by, and even random noises from the TV. So I decided to see if I could help her.



CBD chews for Truffle. A little help to calm the fuck out. (There are days I want to rip my ears off with the barking.) I told the girls that I would handle giving the dog the treats, (or I think I did), but one of them decided she wanted to help out and gave another dosage. What happened?

Mellow Dog


A dog that didn’t really move much. Notice the paw on the floor? I am equating this to when we go out and have a rager, and we dangle one foot out of the bed, to touch the floor so that the spinning will stop. She did bark one or twice but it would be five minutes after a car went by. Delayed much? But Truffle did get a special treat!

Doggo Love

I decided to go into work on Saturday night so that I could get caught up on some things. It was pretty productive, and non-eventful until a visitor showed up. BOBBY!

Bobby the Cat


Hey Bobby! What’s up? Think you could do some shredding for me? No? Go home Bobby… you’re distracting me! I don’t think the boss wants to pay me to pet a cat for an hour or two.

I went on a wicked binger. Well… wicked for me. I will share my other addiction with you all, on another day, another post.

The Easter haul


Hey Easter decorations! Can’t wait to make my house festive! Maybe this week I can squeeze in time to get it up. I know we haven’t even had St. Patrick’s Day yet but I NEED Spring and pastels! Don’t deny me my pleasure!

My last thing I remembered to do this week? My brother gave me a pretty cool Christmas present. I decided to pull it out and use it finally. Perhaps it will help me with with this chemo brain? I don’t know, but it’s worth a try! I’ll take it folks!

Tea Steeper & Hibiscus Flowers


Hibiscus is an anti-inflammatory, and boosts the immune system. It also helps lower blood pressure, prevents hair loss, encourages optimal digestion, and many more things!

It’s so cool! You boil water and while it’s heating up, put the flowers in the little cylinder.

Hibiscus Flowers


Then you attach it back to the plunger, place the boiling water in the container, and put the top on so it can all steep. Pretty darn easy.

Steeping Tea


There you go. My highlights. Not very exciting huh? Well I’ll take boring. Boring and bland are words I welcome in my pretty busy life. Every day is an adventure filled with tons of lists, post it notes, and worries of what will/did I forget?

I remind myself daily, to be gentle with myself through this process. Shit happens and it’s always a plus that I remembered my pants!

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